Tonor USB Clear Digital Sound SF-922B Microphone Review / Test

I'm back with another Mic review/test for you guys. This week I tested out the Tonor USB Clear Digital Sound SF-922B Microphone. The pro's of this microphone are the ease of use and the cost. This thing is literally a plug and play device (but so are a lot of other USB mics). That means you can order it, get it in the mail, plug it in and start making a podcast or skyping...for $23! That's right. Twenty three dollars. But that brings me to the cons.

This microphone is made of plastic and it feels like if I squeeze it to hard it will break. It also misses out on a lot of frequencies. It only captures 100Hz - 16kHz. Most higher end mics will pick up 50Hz-20kHz. This means you lose out on a bit of the audio quality and your recordings won't sound as full. However, with the low end cut out, it removes a lot of trouble frequencies and makes the audio a lot easier to work with. It's really up to you if you want to save a few minutes, or save your audio quality. Another downside with using USB microphones is the fact that you can only use one at a time. So if you wanted to buy a few of these, you would need to have multiple computers to record into, and that can lead to syncing issues, and it's just a headache. Basically, I don't recommend doing that if you can avoid it.

In all honesty, the mic doesn't sound that bad for $23. It's sold as a microphone for Skype, but it could definitely work for a podcast if you have a minimal budget. You won't stick out as having terribly professional audio, but it does sound better than an internal mic on a computer. 

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