Frequently Asked Questions


    • AMAZON

      • In the spirit of being transparent I feel I should disclose that if you purchase an item using one of my amazon links, I do earn a small referral fee.

      • I do encourage you to shop around for the cheapest price and hope you do not feel obligated to use my referral link. Sometimes, people will leave comments saying "I found this mic cheaper on this site", and youtube marks them as spam. I approve those comments so people can be fully aware of gear prices on other sites. Google is another great tool when pricing out your gear.

      • I personally only use amazon because I trust the company, they have a large user base (large number of reviews), they have a good return policy and they offer two day shipping. I do not order off GearBest or any other sites because of the long shipping times, and I have heard negative stories about return policies.


      • I have never been paid by a company to make a video. I have turned down every offer I have received to be paid to review a microphone because I feel like it could give off the impression of a biased review. My main focus is to provide accurate/unbiased reviews and demonstrations of microphones to help people make informed decisions on their mic purchases.

      • I have however received a few pieces of gear to review free of charge. In those videos I have made sure to state up front that I was provided a review unit to ensure full disclosure with you (the viewers), as well as ensure I am compliant with FTC regulations.

        • On this note, I receive many offers to review microphones for free. When I receive an offer that does not guarantee that I will review it. I have rejected dozens of offers because I do not believe it will offer anything useful/interesting to the podcastage viewers. I want to make sure that I do not flood the channel with 10 reviews of the same microphone with a different company logo slapped on it. I also don't want to flood the channel with reviews of stuff that do not fit the channel's focus.

  • Why don't you do a microphone giveaway? You have so many, and you never use them.

    1. Currently, I purchase every single microphone I review with money that I earn working at a full time day job. Simply put, I cannot afford to buy microphones only to turn around give them away.

    2. When people ask questions about a certain microphone and I do not know the answer to this question, I have to refer back to the microphone and retest it. If I had given away this microphone, I would have to go out and buy the microphone all over again. I cannot afford to do this.

    3. I do videos titled "Versus Series" where I place microphones against one another. Sometimes, people ask me to make a versus series including a mic that I reviewed 6 months ago. Once again, if I had given this microphone away, I would have to purchase another one, and this would put more strain on my video budget, and also delay production of the video.

  • Can I plug my microphone directly into my computer?

    • No. Condenser microphones typically require +48v phantom power. Phantom power is NOT provided through a computer. Phantom power is provided through a phantom power supply, or an interface that provides +48v phantom power. If you are using a dynamic microphone, you may be able to plug directly into the 3.5mm microphone input, but chances are it will not sound good.

    • The majority of built in sound cards do not have good microphone inputs, and will ultimately make your microphone sound horrible. If you want good audio, I 100% recommend investing in a usb audio interface.

  • Can I run my mic into a phantom power supply, and then plug directly into my computers internal 3.5mm Jack?

    • I have no way of testing this because I do not have a computer with a built in microphone input. However, I have been told by other youtube users that plugging directly into a computers internal microphone input after running a mic through a phantom power supply still sounds bad. I have heard from those same people that adding a USB Soundcard resolved this issue.

  • Can I record an NW700, NW800, NW1500, BM700, BM800, BM8000, SF920, SF930, SF940 on my Smartphone?

    • I have a video that discusses connecting these microphones to a smartphone (watch here). Although at the time of recording this video it did work, I do not recommend relying on this method. First off, the audio quality is not that great. Secondly, from my research, at any time your smartphone could receive an update that alters the voltage output of the 3.5mm TRRS Port which would yield this method useless.

  • How do I know if my computer provides phantom power?

    • I know of ZERO computers that provide phantom power. Phantom power is typically a stand alone +48v power supply that powers a condenser microphone. Phantom power is also typically included in audio interfaces / mixers. Simply put, your computer DOES NOT provide phantom power.

  • Why does my audio sound so quiet and noisy?

    • There are two options:

      1. If you are connecting your microphone directly to your computers internal soundcard and noticing this problem; chances are, your microphone is not getting sufficient voltage to work.

        • Solution: buy a usb soundcard and phantom power supply or buy a usb audio interface that provides phantom power.

      2. If you are connecting your microphone through a USB soundcard and you still have this problem; chances are your USB soundcard is not providing sufficient voltage to the microphone.

        • Solution: add a phantom power supply to your chain.