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Review Disclaimers / Disclosures:

  1. I DO NOT accept payment to cover products, or to influence the outcome of a review.

  2. Due to United States Federal Trade Commission regulations, and to remain transparent with my audience, I disclose any relationship I have with a company in my reviews. This means that if a product is provided free of charge, or if a product is purchased at a discount, I will disclose this in the video.

  3. To avoid any potential conflict of interest or bias, I do not provide a preview of the review prior to the review being published. However, if I do encounter any issues with the device, I will contact you to determine if I have received a faulty unit.

  4. Due to the way I run my reviews, I attempt to own everything that I review. This allows me to reference back to a product in a future video, conduct additional testing and comparisons, and answer audience questions.

If you are okay with these disclaimers, I would be more than happy to discuss working together.

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