Tonor SF-666 Budget Microphone Review / Test

Okay. It's Tuesday again and that means, another mic review. A viewer of podcastage requested that I review this Tonor mic, and at $16, I couldn't help but try it out.

Lets start with the first thing I noticed. The build. This thing is just a hunk of plastic that feels like a child's toy. The decorative accents are ridiculous and consist of a rubber band. The cable seems like if you step on it once, it will rip out (just like the other tonor mic I reviewed). So, all I can say is the build quality is no good.

The set up is easy. Just plug it right into your mic input and you're ready to go. For what I would want to use this mic for, which would be podcasting, this mic was pretty useless. The audio is overly tinny, and just sounds like it's being recorded on a cheap $16 microphone.

It states that the frequency response is 50hz - 16kHz, however, I don't hear a decent low end at all. It also shows an omni directional polar pattern, but there are a lot of areas around the mic that are quieter than the rest. Over all, I wouldn't recommend this mic unless you have a computer without a mic and you need to record some audio notes. Other than that, I think it's useless. If you do want to pick it up though, I will put the link down below. 

Buy the SF-666 (Affiliate Link)

The link is for a different brand, but it is the same microphone.