Best Gaming Microphone Setup Under $100

What Do You Need Out of a Microphone for Gaming?

This really depends on what your goals are. If you are simply chatting with friends while playing a first person shooter game, chances are no one will be upset with your headset microphone. Your headset microphone will allow you to be heard, and not require you to think too much about microphone placement.

On the other hand, if you are streaming and you want higher quality, you may want to pick up a stand alone microphone to improve the sound quality. You will need a microphone that:

  • Makes you easy to understand

  • Offers a full sound

  • Does a god job at background noise rejection

Here are some of my picks for the best Gaming Microphones Under around $100.

Samson Q2u

Buy the Q2u:

This is one of my most frequently recommended microphones. The reason being is that it is very cheap ranging from $40-$70 and for that price it sounds excellent. Not only is it a great sounding microphone, but it is is incredibly versatile. It has both an XLR & USB output, meaning, you can just buy the microphone and plug it in via USB and be ready to start recording. But further down the road if you would like to add some outboard gear like the DBX286s, and a USB Audio Interface, you’re able to do so without having to replace the microphone.

Antlion Mod Mic 5

Buy the Mod Mic 5:

If you’re dead set on running a headset microphone, the Antlion Mod Mic 5 is a great alternative to your headphone’s built in mic. The tone on this thing is GREAT considering the size. Additionally, it has a Cardioid & Omnidirectional mode, so if you’re in a really noisy room you can use the cardioid mode (which does have a slightly lower quality sound) to avoid the background noise, but if you’re in your studio, you can use the omnidirectional mode and get a great sound.

Audio Technica ATR2100USB

Buy the ATR2100usb:

Just like the Samson Q2u, this microphone is both XLR & USB, so you are gaining all the same benefits. However, this mic will typically set you back a little bit more than the Samson Q2u. It also has a slightly less pronounced low end, and is a little bit more mid forward, making it sound a little more nasally.

Audio Technica AT2005USB

Buy the AT2005usb:

This microphone sounds the exact same as the ATR2100USB. The only difference is the looks of the microphone, and having a slightly smoother on/off switch. So if you are going to have the microphone on camera, and you prefer this sound over the Q2u, but don’t want a microphone that looks like an early 2000’s silver computer accessory, this one is for.


Boom Arm
The reason a boom arm is so important is that it allows you to easily get the microphone closer to your mouth. This will increase your signal to background noise ratio. What this means is that as the microphone gets closer to your mouth, your voice will be louder in comparison to the background noise like your keyboard.

If you buy any of these microphones and place them directly on your desk next to your keyboard, you will have the exact same issue that many people have with the Blue Yeti, where it picks up way too much keyboard noise.

Shock Mount
For desktop microphones like the Blue Yeti, a common issue is that it not only picks up a lot of keyboard noise, but also that it picks up every bump of your desk. A shock mount will help isolate the microphone and decrease the prominence of desk bumps and microphone bumps.

Pop Filter
This device will help you reduce plosives. Plosives are what occurs when air leaving your mouth hits the diaphragm of the microphone and causes a very loud and low frequency sound. This typically occurs when saying words with “P” or “B” in them. Pop Filters will help reduce these obnoxious sounds and save your listeners ears and speakers.

Buy the Neewer Boom Arm / Pop Filter Kit:
Buy the Rockville Shock Mount / Pop Filter Kit:

NOTE: All audio samples recorded in 16-bit 48kHz wav. Leveled to -18 LUFS, and transcoded to 320kbps .m4a files at 48kHz.