Are the Samson Q2u and Audio Technica AT2005 / ATR2100USB the Same?

I recently received a comment stating that the Samson Q2u and ATR2100/AT2005 were effectively the same, and any differences in the sound stems from manufacturing variances as well as the shape of the grills on the top. I disagree with this comment because I think the tone of the Samson & Audio Technica is quite different.

I took off the grill of the Samson Q2u and AT2005, and recorded a very brief sample. Can you tell a difference between the microphones sound quality? To me, the sound is night and day apart, and I hear one quite a bit more favorably. I will leave the answer in the comments about which is which.

To be clear, I have no ill will towards the commenter who challenged me on this. I am simply publishing this because I imagine other people have thought a similar thing, and I wanted to provide some backup to my stance.